Questions and Answers

Q: What does the NatureStar Brand offer consumers of supplements?

A: Today's consumer is seeking to be more proactive in caring for and being stewards
of their own health.  Spiraling health care costs and concern over the use of
pharmaceuticals and potential side effects have created an atmosphere of openness
to use vitamins, herbs and extracts as a daily part of addressing health issues.

Q: What makes NatureStar unique as a national brand?

A: The variety and selection of natural supplements - whether you are referring to
vitamins, herbs, extracts, homeopathic formulas or functional food - have become
very overwhelming to the average shopper.  They have done some research on
the use of certain formulas to address specific health concerns, but they are
paralyzed in their decision-making process.  We at NatureStar have taken the
complex and made it simple - formulas that are "symptom specific" and
comprehensive in nature, combining the best of science and research to present
formulas that really make it simple to choose.

Q How do you know what the average consumer is looking for?

A: It really isn't a mystery.  We have studied national surveys that solicit from
the "baby boomer generation", the " over 40" audience, as to what concerns them
the most with respect to health issues.  They answered: heart and circulation issues,
high cholesterol, immune system issues and cancer prevention, loss of vision and
macular degeneration, energy and fatigue, digestive disorders, prostate health,
longevity, and the quality of life. We at NatureStar took these clinical trials,
university research and peer-reviewed articles to develop a line of Symptom
Specific formulas that combine the best ingredients and blends of vitamins, minerals
and herbs to address these health issues.

Q: What formulas have you developed?

A: We have developed a number of bioavailable comprehensive supplement formulas
that address a battery of health issues.  Our specialty formulas include Vision Support
Complex, Immune Support Complex, Memory Support Complex, Super Probiotic Complex,
and a men's Prosta-Health Complex.

  We have also addressed cardiovascular issues with a Cholesterol Balance Formula,
Omega Complete Complex and a Cardio-Health Complex.  These contain wonderful
vitamins, antioxidants, essential fatty acids, minerals, and amino acids that help
support good cardiovascular fitness when used on a daily basis with a regular exercise

  There are no "SILVER bullets" when you are addressing health, but these
are extraordinary formulations based on science, with clinical trials to back up the
use of the active ingredients and their dosage.

Q: What do you meAn by "bioavailable" nutrition?

A: Well, the old expression is "You are what you eat," and there is some truth in that
expression: you certainly stand a better chance of keeping healthy by watching your fat,
sugar and processed food intake.  We have all seen what excessive calories and lack
of exercise can do to exacerbate poor health, but in supplements as well as in food, it's
not what you eat, it's what you absorb.

  The form of the vitamins and minerals you use dictates how readily available your
nutrients are.  It isn't enough to say, "I took my calcium today."  What form did you
take? Some, such as calcium gluconate or carbonate, are poorly absorbed; calcium citrate,
on the other hand, has excellent absorption. So, 1,000 mg of one might look as if you're
getting your calcium supplemented nicely, but not if you only absorb 150 mg of the dosage.

  We at NatureStar have selected only the best forms of vitamins and minerals, in
just the right dosages and combinations, to ensure maximum absorption and utility by
the body.

Q: It sounds as if the formulas must be expensive. Are they?

A: Actually, while they are not by any stretch the cheapest formulas in the market
- nor could they be and still be crafted with such scientific research - we take a great deal
of pride in the fact that they are much more affordable than most, while delivering a much
greater mix of nutrients than any other supplement on the shelves of stores today.
Most people say you can't get both quality and price, but we've come as close to
that impossible proposal as any company in the market.

Q: How are you getting the word out there as you launch the line?

A: We are beginning after the first of the year with sample mailer being sent to
all the major drug store chains and supermarkets in the United States . Then a
multimillion-dollar consumer advertising campaign will start in Jun of 2005 with
advertisements in USA Today, Alternative Medicine, Natural health, Woman's World,
Let's Live, Health and Woman's World Weekly. We will reach a total circulation
of 7.65 million monthly, with a total audience of over 25 million a month.